My Comps

Most sites will direct you to an inaccurate automated computer generated average dollar value of your home, based on homes that may or may not match your homes specs and condition . This method isn’t isn’t used to measure market value or appraisal value but given to you to shamelessly attract your info.


If giving your info you should at least in return receive accurate information, I provide just that. Yes it’s more work to hand craft true comps for your home but that’s really the only way for you to know.


I use the same method to value your home that I use everyday to list homes, create offers for homes and do Broker Price Opinions for banks, which is what lenders and banks use to determine how to price foreclosures and refis.



Signing up for Comps

Signing up for comps is easy, simply fill in the blanks, you’ll be sent a questionnaire asking for specific details unique to your home then you’ll receive a monthly list of for sale, sold and expired comps exclusively for your home. This way you can always track your homes value whether your moving or not.